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About me - Emma

I am a mother of two children (Joni 5 and Ben 3), a professional photographer, a wife, and an enthusiastic explorer of nature. I grew up on a farm near York, and after living away from Yorkshire during university and a few years after, I moved back to York and have settled in the beautiful village of Tockwith with my family.

My photography experience

I bought my first camera at 18, over 15 years ago, to photograph the wildlife I saw when going for walks by the river. My dream was to become a national geographic photographer, but gradually over the years, things have changed and for the past decade I’ve been a wedding photographer.

I don’t enjoy having my photo taken, and I apreciate that a lot of people feel the same way – so, my wedding photography is aimed at people who don’t like to pose! As a result I have plenty of experience when it comes to spotting and capturing love and joy without ruining the moment!

Then, about 5 years ago, I had children. My whole outlook changed and I began to appreciate even more the value of a fleeting moment.

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Happiness is

The joy of picking blackberries from hedgerows and the satisfaction of eating them baked in a hot crumble. Purple stained fingers and wet shoes.

Searching for acorns and cups to make models of elves to sit in the woodland. Crunching leaves and the smell of damp moss.

Gripping to a rope that hangs from an oak. Dirty knees and happy screams.

Children shine when they are playing outside.

Why I started Oak & Bramble

When Joni (my daughter) feels shy I can see it in her face. She smiles, and to others, she looks happy, but I can tell she’s holding something back. That face makes my heart ache.

When Joni feels happy and secure – she holds nothing back – her face is full of joy and wonder. That face sets off fireworks in my heart. That is the face I want in the art around my home.

A stranger can’t see the difference. A smile is a smile. But it’s not. The difference is everything.

Kids don’t know how to smile for the camera yet. They think they do – but they look ridiculous, and most of the time, they have their eyes closed. To capture the true smile – that has to be genuine when photographing kids.

Photographing your own kids is hard! Putting the camera in front of your face breaks the eye contact that is often inspiring their joy, and the smile dops. Or they try to run up and hug you, so they are too close for a photo.

You need someone else there too. Someone who can make everyone feel at ease, and who will be accepted by the kids as someone they can be open and comfortable with. Someone who can turn the joy and happiness into works of art which set off fireworks in your heart every time you walk past them in your home.

I’ve been a professional photographer for ten years, and a mother for five. The thing I love the most about my work is being able to spot and capture the look of genuine happiness which is unique and instantly recognisable to loved ones, and displaying it as art.

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My ethos

I want the best for you.

I want you to decorate your home with laughs and smiles, love and memories, beautifully created art work you can pass down for generations.

It can take a lot of practise and patience to get that right.

All too often people come away from a photo session with a stick of digital files. The artistic journey is only half complete, and suddenly they are on their own without the knowledge and experience to complete it.

Choosing the paper and printer, the size of mount, the frame and how and where to hang the picture is difficult to get right.

So, Oak and Bramble sessions don’t end when you take off your muddy boots and close the door.

I deliver the finished product to you, because your satisfaction is paramount.

I want to be your personal family photographer.

I want you to want to invite me back for birthdays, memorable events, more family artwork for newly decorated rooms – but with no pressure from me at all.

I want you to want this, so I strive my absolute hardest to make you happy.

Do you want an Oak & Bramble adventure?

Please have a browse around my site to learn about the process, some examples of past adventures, and view some print options and pricing. Or, if you already know you are ready for an adventure… get in touch to ask any questions, or buy a gift certificate.

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