Have a look at some past Oak & Bramble adventures

As long as they are outdoors in Yorkshire, an Oak & Bramble adventure can be anything you want.
If you have your own ideas, that’s great, but I am more than happy to make some suggestions once I have got to know you a little more!
Adventures will be age and ability appropriate and they will be engaging so everyone – parents and kids – will at times forget that they are having a photo shoot!

Catching fish in the river Wharfe

Laura grew up playing in the woods along the banks of the river Wharfe and wanted to have some photos of her daughters doing the same. So we took a pleasant walk through the woods, stopping along the way with some challenges for the kids, before moving further up the river to catch some fish. I set a challenge of catching 10 fish before anyone could have any cake – the whole family got involved… and the cake was quickly polished off!

Climbing rocks at Almscliffe Crag

When chatting with Sylvia about her family, she mentioned that her daughters were all very independent and liked to do things for themselves. She also mentioned their hobbies, so I realised they were all active people. I suggested going up to Almscliffe Crag knowing that this location would give an excellent backdrop, but also that the girls would be able to exhibit their independence when climbing the rocks. We had lots of fun scrambling about, and played a few games too before I challenged everyone to find a bilberry. None of them knew what they were looking for, but by the end of the session all the girls were expert bilberry pickers! We finished the adventure with hot chocolate and chocolate cake.

Hunting for sharks at Askham Bog

Lizzie’s little boy loves sharks and creatures and insects… so, seeing as it was nice and local, and easy to navigate for a 4 year old, I suggested meeting at Askham Bog.
When we arrived I gave William a challenge to find all the creatures on my list… including a shark. We found them all and even managed to catch a grasshopper!

Are you ready for an Oak & Bramble adventure?

All Oak & Bramble adventures start with a consultation, so don’t worry, nothing will be planned before I get to know you and your family. 

The whole process will go at a pace you are happy with, so maybe you are ready to have a consultation, but you don’t want the adventure until the spring… that’s fine too.

Gift certificates are also available and can be used within a year. These are a great way to get the ball rolling… because everyone knows it’s easy to put family photos off until tomorrow!

Don’t wait too long, every season is perfect for a fun outdoor Oak & Bramble adventure, and the children are growing more every day!

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