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Oak & Bramble mini session

Spring bluebells

This page will help you prepare for your Oak & Bramble mini session.

Plus the chance to earn £5 print credit, and upgrade your session.

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If you share this Facebook post, I will create a £5 gift voucher for you to spend in your online gallery.

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Would you like to upgrade your session?

The session fee you’ve already paid entitles you to one mounted fine art print and the corresponding digital file.

I know you will absolutely love the photos of your family, so now is your chance to upgrade from 1 to 3 mounted fine art prints and digital files.

You can upgrade to add these extra two fine art prints and files for £39.

phone photo fine art print 2 4851
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Practical details

You should be able to zoom out on this map above to get an idea of the location.

Where is the session?

Weston woods, accessed from Weston Lane in Otley.

53.92092355245473, -1.717608559234202

If you enter “53.92092355245473, -1.717608559234202” into google maps, and switch to satellite view, you will see the woods. I will meet you at the south west road entrance (marked 3 on the satellite view below).

You can access the woods via a footpath from Clifton at number 1, or walk across the field from the Weston estate at number 2.

weston woods

If you are not familiar with these woods – please get in touch and we can arrange a suitable place to meet!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we buy extra photos?

You will receive 1 printed photo and digital file as default. You now have the chance to upgrade so you receive 3 prints and files instead.

Once the photos are ready you’ll be sent a link to an online gallery. Here you will be able to purchase digital files and prints/ wall art/ albums etc.

What if it rains?

Don’t worry about the rain. Spring showers tend to be short, and under the trees, you won’t get too wet. 

Photos taken in the rain look great!

If it’s torrential… I’ll be in touch to rearrange a better time!

What should we wear?

It’s best if your family all choose colours of a similar or complementary palette, but not matching. 

The backdrop of the woods will be pretty green. Blue, orange, purple and brown all go well with the colour green.

Avoid wearing green, and big logos!

Can we bring our dog?


If you do, please make sure you bring a lead, poo bags, and treats or a toy to help with posing!

What happens after the session?

I will send you an email once your photos are ready to view. At this point, you’ll have 1 week to select which photo you would like for your fine art print. You will also be able to purchase extra photos at this stage. 

The online gallery will be live for 1 month, after this the gallery and photos will be deleted.

How much will it cost if we want all the photos?

One of my pet peeves is the emotional blackmail some photographers use to get people to buy extra photos.

I want you to love all your photos, and I want to make it easy for you to have them all.

That’s why I have a special package which includes some printed photos along with the full set of digitals for just £295.

The cheapest way to get all your photos is in a magazine for £70.

You don’t need to make any decisions until you have seen your photos.

Upgrade your mini Session for £39

For only £39 you can upgrade your mini session

This is your only chance to upgrade your session to include 3 fine art mounted photos plus the corresponding digital files (rather than 1 as standard).