Spring Bluebell Mini session
7th and 8th May 2021, near Otley (West Yorkshire)

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30-minute session includes a beautiful mounted fine art print and corresponding digital file
(upgrade options available)

Bluebell woodlands are a fantastic place for photos – so, I am hosting two days of mini sessions in Weston Woods near Otley.

What happens at the session?

Each session will last about 30 minutes, and is for a maximum of 5 people (from 1 household).

We will walk around a beautiful bluebell woodland. There will be opportunity for the kids to play, climb trees, and I might even set a few challenges to keep everyone engaged. 

These sessions are relaxed and fun – there will be posing, but I make it nice and easy!

What is included in the session?

Each session includes a beautiful fine art, mounted print ready for you to frame. You’ll also receive the digital file of the image you choose.

There will be an opportunity to upgrade your session to include extra prints after booking. I have included all the prices below because I’m a fan of transparent pricing. 

Where and when are these sessions?

All sessions will take place at Weston Woods near Otley

These photo sessions are really designed for families who are familiar with Weston Woods and know how to get there.

Unfortunately, I can’t be responsible for providing a safe place to park. I do not advise parking on Weston Road as there is not a suitable safe place to park. It may be possible to be dropped off here if you have someone who is willing to do so!

You can get to the woods from Weston Lane and walk uphill over the field into the woods, straight off Weston Lane on the southwest side of the woods, or walk down to the woods from the village of Clifton.

After booking you will receive a link to a page with plenty of information about the session. There is an FAQ section, a map, and even photos of the wood so you know what to expect before you arrive.

Each session will last approximately 30 minutes and will run on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th May 2021.

All the available time slots are displayed below.

What about lockdown and social distancing?

The session will take place outdoors, so the risk of spreading coronavirus is reduced.  From 29th March the rule of 6 applies, so sessions will be limited to 5 family members. I will maintain a social distance from your family.

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About Oak & Bramble

I’m Emma and I run Oak & Bramble photography – family photography for families who love the outdoors. With over a decade of experience as a professional photographer, and a mother of two, I set up Oak & Bramble with these 2 missions:

  1. Make family photo sessions a fun outdoors experience.
    I hate to have my photo taken, so I know how uncomfortable photo sessions can be. That’s why my sessions allow you to have fun outdoors, so you forget all about the photos! You don’t need to worry about the kids behaving or posing, I take care of all that.
  2. Share my passion for print.
    If you’ve never held a high-quality fine art giclee print you won’t understand why I am so passionate about them! They are nothing like the photo prints you buy from consumer labs – they are pieces of art!

I am committed to providing a complete service that doesn’t simply end with a digital file. I know how many hurdles there are to getting your favourite photos displayed on the wall – and the biggest one is actually getting round to it.

You will benefit from the Oak & Bramble expertise and experience in printing and displaying photos. You will end up with physical photos (of the highest quality, in the most appropriate format), not just temporary digital files, or cheap floppy prints that change colour after a few years in the sun.


Money-back guarantee

I have been a professional photographer for over a decade now, and I’m always learning and practising new skills. I am totally confident that my photos of your family will blow you away, but… anyone could say that.

“How do I know this photographer will capture beautiful photos of my children and me?” I hear you wondering.

With any investment there will always be some doubt about the risks involved.

That’s why I am offering a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the results.

A full refund – No questions asked.

After your session, you’ll be sent a link to your online gallery. If you are not happy with the photos, just reply to the email asking for a refund.

You don’t even have to worry about how to word it – simply say “refund please”.
I’ll send back your complete investment with no further questions.

Book your family mini session

NB when booking, read “number of persons” as “number of families“.

Print prices and Upgrade Options

In addition to the standard pricing listed in the table below, there will be four special offers/ bundles available after you have booked your session (details below the table).

Special Offers

You will be offered an upgrade by email after booking, and the photo bundles once your photos are ready. All these offers are only available for a limited time.

  • Upgrade: Add 2 extra mounted fine art prints and their digital files. (So you will receive 3 prints and files in total) £39
  • Photo bundle: 3 framed fine art photos, all the digital files from your session, and 20% off the standard price list. £295 <- Best value! You can wait until you’ve seen your photos before purchasing this.
  • Photo bundle gift: Great for grandparents – this bundle includes 3 mounted fine art prints and 3 framed fine art prints with the option of adding a personalised message. £250
  • Archive set: A set of 20 fine art prints stored in an archival box. Perfect if you aren’t ready to display them yet, or if you would like to take them to a professional framer to have them mounted and framed. £360

Standard Pricing

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Schedule your own mini-session

If you want to arrange your own mini session, and you can find a group of 4 other families who are happy to gather at a location of your choice in Yorkshire (at separate time slots)… let me know and we’ll arrange a date!

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