Pricing and Print Options

The Oak & Bramble adventure session fee is £250

This fee covers the consultation, planning the adventure, the adventure (excluding any extra entrance fees if required), travel costs, cake, my equipment and insurance, photography and photo processing, and the final print selection session.

The fee does not cover any digital files or printed artwork (prices further down the page).

Gift packs are available, and occasionally I run mini sessions.

Let's be clear

Oak and Bramble adventures are a complete, luxury bespoke, artwork commissioning process combined with an adventure session your family will love.

They are not comparable to other family photography services. They are not a whistle-stop photo shoot.​

Let me explain.

Typically a traditional photo session would start with an email or phone chat. Then you’d arrive at the location, have fun for an hour, maybe two, before receiving a link to an online gallery with all your images—the end.

So, what is the difference?

Oak and Bramble is a complete wrap-around service far more than merely capturing photos.

We meet before your adventure for a consultation. This session lasts up to 2 hours and is a personalised interior design and artwork planning session.

Unless a photographer is lucky, they cannot create a piece of artwork to fit perfectly in the desired part of your home without first knowing; what space you have available, your colour scheme, and your taste in art.

Another aspect of the initial consultation is getting to know your family. This is not simply about asking ages and general interests. This is really getting to know what makes each individual tick. What faces and expressions really represent each person’s character. What activities and adventures will bring out the true nature of each individual, but also show the unique and deep bonds that exist in your family.

Now imagine the difference between a photographer who has taken the time to gather this information and one who simply shows up and captures what they see.

The difference does not end there.
If the photographs have been crafted since pre-conception, it is only natural for them to be completed to the same high standards.

Sending you a link to an online gallery of images is not up to the oak and bramble standard. There is still lots of work to do. Printing photographs is a whole field of craftspersonship. One single digital file can be printed and displayed in an exhausting number of different ways.

The initial consultation should help narrow down the options, but the content of the image itself (which cannot ever be totally predicted) determines so much.

Bright, intense colours and high contrast black and white images look amazing on high gloss acrylic. But these bold pieces are not always appropriate – fine art paper with large mounts and delicate frames compliment soft dreamy photos much better. Some photos belong together in a gallery; some are so special they should be displayed on their own as a centrepiece.

It is almost impossible, even for photographers, to decide which photographs they should display, and how, by looking at them in a digital gallery. It can be overwhelming for the untrained eye.

A print session always follows Oak and Bramble adventures. We will conclude the conversation we began during the initial consultation and finalise the vision. You will see your photographs printed out and see samples and examples of how the final pieces will look.

Printed Products

Here you will find details and pricing of the most popular print options.

More options will be available when you come to view your photos, but to give you an idea of average investments:

 Most families will spend £1000+ on artwork.

Framed Prints

Pricing details for a set of 4 framed and mounted fine art prints.

Small (approx 5x7"): £300
Medium (approx A4 print): £400
Large (approx A3 print): £600

Wall art panels

Available in acrylic, metal, and other options - samples will be shown.

Medium (30"x20"): £450
Large (40"x30"): £700
Group of 3 small (20"x16"): £650

Folio Box

A great way to keep lots of photos together
Wooden, windowed box with 20 mounted 5"x7" prints: £520
Leather box with 20 board mounted prints (12"x16"): £550


Luxury leather album with 10 spreads, 12"x12": £400

Digital collection: £1000

What happens now?

Are you ready for an Oak & Bramble adventure?

If you have read about the process, seen some examples of past adventures, looked at the pricing and got to know the photographer… then it is time to get in touch or book a session.

You can get in touch with Emma to ask any questions at all which have not been covered on the website, or just for a chat.

If you are ready to book a session, you can do this by contacting Emma, or you may buy a gift pack (which entitles the recipient to an Oak & Bramble family adventure including consultation, adventure, and print viewing session).

When you buy a gift pack through the online payment system, you will be sent a welcome pack in the post. The welcome pack includes a certificate with unique code that you can use on the booking system (details will be provided). This allows you to book your consultation. You will also receive three booklets detailing the Oak & Bramble experience. 

The gift certificate code is transferrable – so you can gift it to a friend, and they can pass it on if they wish, but it must be used within 1 year of purchase. The photo session itself does not need to happen within one year, but the code needs to be used in the online booking system within one year.

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