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Oak and Bramble adventure family photography session gift certificate

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A beautifully packaged Oak and Bramble gift certificate, which entitles the recipient to a complete Oak and Bramble adventure. This includes a consultation session at their own home, an adventure session anywhere outdoors in Yorkshire, and an artwork design and viewing session.

Within the gift box, there will be a gift card and three brochures.

Brochure 1: An introduction to Oak & Bramble
This contains the same information and photos as the Oak & Bramble website.
No pricing information will be included in this brochure.

Brochure 2: Preparing for your Oak & Bramble adventure
This is a guide to help families prepare for their adventure. It includes tips and advice such as what to wear and what to bring on the adventure.

Brochure 3: Artwork Prices
This information is separate in case you do not want the recipient to see the artwork pricing information. Some people decide to gift the adventure, and then attend the artwork session themselves so they can purchase art for the family. If you wish to remove this brochure, please make sure you input your own address in the delivery information field.

Further information

There is a unique code included on the gift certificate. The code is transferable. This means if you change your mind about who you want to gift the adventure to, you can. Or if the recipient doesn’t like outdoor fun, they can give the code to someone who does. 

Once the code has been used to book a consultation, it cannot be transferred. This means if you have a consultation, you cannot then gift the rest of the experience to someone else.

The unique code is valid for 1 year. The adventure does not need to be had within the year, but the code needs to be entered into the booking page within a year. So, if the code expires on 1st November 2021, you can use the code on 1st November to book a consultation a month later, and the adventure would be after that and so on.


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