What to expect from your Oak & Bramble adventure

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All Oak & Bramble adventures consist of three stages:

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1. Consultation

It’s my job to provide you with stunning artworks you can display proudly in your home which capture the beauty and essence of your family.

That’s a tough job if I don’t know your taste in decor, the space you have available for artwork, who is in your family and what you like doing together.

So, I will come to your home and gather information!

*COVID UPDATE – Depending upon the guidelines at the time of your booking this may be done via video or phone call.

I won’t need to meet the whole family at this stage.

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The people

 I’ll spend some time chatting with you about all the members of your family. I’ll find out:

Who are the people to be photographed.
What makes each person unique.
The dynamics of your group.
I always have plenty of questions. I won’t plan an adventure without considering who you are, what makes you tick, and what we are trying to achieve.

It’s much easier to spot and capture unique character traits of an individual if I know what I’m looking for.

The art work 

We’ll talk about your taste in photographs and art, and about the space you have available.
You may have a space on the bedroom wall, and a space on the living room wall. A photo for a bedroom should be calm and peaceful, possibly muted colours or black and white, but one in a living room can be full of fun and colours. Whereas an area in a hallway might be perfect for a gallery of portraits.
Maybe you want some small photos for your desk at work.
Everyone’s home and requirements are different, so it makes sense to establish this before taking the photos.
You may have some special requests – maybe you already have a family portrait and you’d like to produce an updated version to hang alongside it, or maybe you’d like some photos for the grandparents.
All these requirements will be discussed. 

2. Adventure

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This is where the fun happens!

If you already have an adventure in mind, that’s great! If not, I’ll put forward some ideas.

All the practical details such as time, date, location, what to bring, wear, what to expect etc will be sent to you in a guide before the adventure.

We might go and climb the rocks at Almscliffe Crag, catch some fish in the river Wharfe, go on a nature hunt at Askham Bogg…

If it’s outside, in a beautiful part of the Yorkshire countryside, then I’m game if you are.

… but I can guarantee, every adventure will end with chocolate cake (supplied by me)!


What about Coronavirus?
As the advice is ever-changing, I will not be updating this section each time. I stick to the government advice, so it may be that we have to reschedule your adventure to another time or restrict the number of people who attend. Whatever the case, I am easy going and flexible – so I’m happy to discuss the current situation with you.

Who can be at an Oak & Bramble adventure?
There are no age restrictions – your adventure will be designed for you, so the activity will be age appropriate. Dogs are welcome – you can even bring your horse if you like!

Where will we go and what will we do?
There are no rules!
Imagine a really fun day out exploring the countryside with your family… that’s an Oak & Bramble adventure.

We could pick pumpkins, have a conker tournament, pick blackberries and then go home and bake them in a crumble, have a snail race in the garden, go mountain biking, horse riding… the ages and interests of your family will help determine what type of adventure we have.

Usually, an adventure will last about two hours and at the end, you can sit down and enjoy your well-earned cake.

3. Choosing Artwork

This is the results session.

I will invite you to my home where you can sit back, relax, and watch a beautiful slideshow of your photos while you enjoy tea and biscuits.

We’ll then go through the photos and select your favourites.

I will show you examples of printed artwork on walls and you can feel prints and albums.

This is a fun and enjoyable experience, and by the end of it, I’ll know exactly what you want.

All you need to do then is wait, and I’ll bring your finished artwork to your home, ready to be hung.

(If you prefer, this session can be done at your home)


This is not a digital only service.

This adventure is special. You will share a wonderful time as a family – time free of distractions from the routines of life, or demands of work. A free and special time breathing in the fresh air, laughing, learning, exploring and and reinforcing deep bonds.

These photographs do not belong on a cluttered harddrive. 

A digital file is temporary storage.

These memories are to be cherished forever.

Research shows that children who see photos of themselves on the walls in their home, grow up with higher self esteem than those who don't.

I am passionate about print!

All too often people leave a normal photo session with only the digital files. The artistic journey is half
complete, and suddenly they are on their own without the knowledge and experience to complete it.

Choosing the paper and printer, the size of mount, the frame and how and where to hang the picture is
difficult to get right.

So, Oak and Bramble sessions don’t end when you take off your muddy boots and close the door.

Extensive research, quality tests and comparisons between professional labs, home printing and high
street labs, using a variety of different inks and papers is part of the rigorous research and development
continually going on at Oak & Bramble.

This expertise and experience is a central part of the Oak & Bramble journey.

Your Oak & Bramble adventure won’t be complete until you have beautiful, high quality, works of art on
your walls.

Why does the final session need to be in person?

Little hurdles can often lead us to put a job off until later.
Maybe a child requests a snack, the phone rings, or you can’t agree on which photos work best together – and once something is put off until later, it becomes another thing on the long list of tasks still to do.

By bringing you to my home, I can have your full undivided attention.

There will be no distractions or interruptions.

I will guide you through the process – answering any questions or offering suggestions when you are unsure.
I will read your reactions to photos and be able to identify the ones, you both love.

It’s also very important that you get to see and feel the artwork and prints you will be choosing.

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View print options
and pricing

If you think an Oak & Bramble adventure will suit your family, please have a read of the print and pricing page.

If you would like to learn more, have a look at some examples of past adventures, or get to know a little more about the photographer.

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